This API makes it possible to return information about a movie/tv title based on an IMDB number.
It returns : Title data, total subtitles , total languages and last crawled time.

Api.Get.Title_Info is a REST API reachable through HTTP GET requests.
Results are currently offered in two formats : JSON && XML.

Need help ? contact us : api AT subtitleseeker.com .


Api is accessible && working with HTTP GET requests at :

Parameter Value Notes
api_key [required] The Api key ,request Api Key
imdb [required]
Imdb Number.
return_type [optional] Returned format :
  • xml [default]
  • json
gzip [optional] Gzip compression On/Off :
  • ON [default]
  • OFF

Take a look at some examples , responses or errors


Every valid request will return these basic parameters.
Take a look at the errors codes to process invalid requests.

Name Type Description
got_error int (0=valid|1=invalid). Is this query valid ?
seek string APi get category.( title_info)
total_matches int total matches found
imdb int imdb number from imdb
items > item array Resultset for each match
page_generation_time int Page generation time in seconds

Item results

Every valid request with more then 0 total_matches will return these items.

Name Type Description
title string title of the movie/tv show
aka string aka - alternative title
year int year of the movie/tv show
imdb int internet movie database ID ( Imdb.com )
title_url string short_url to subtitleseeker title page
total_subtitles int number of subtitles this title holds
total_languages int number of languages this title holds
title_type string Title category
title_type_int int Title category as integer
last_crawled string Last time this title has been crawled
last_crawled_date int last crawl time in date format
last_crawled_unix int last crawl time in unix format


Error codes are returned with an invalid request.
When parameter got_error is returned as 1

short msg
NO_API_KEY [api_key] Not set ! Get your api key at : api.subtitleseeker.com
API_KEY_INVALID [api_key] Api key does not seem to be valid. Wrong Key? Or Banned ? please contact api AT subtitleseeker.com
INVALID_IMDB_PARAMETER [imdb] required for title_info. Imdb not set or invalid .
INVALID_IMDB [imdb] is invalid. Does not exists in database.


Example 1 : Gather title info

Grab title info with IMDB number.
Imdb number can be found on imdb.com or by using our Api.Search
We will use "The Dark Knight" as example.