This API returns the languages available for the movie/tv title and the number of subtitles each language contains based on an IMDB number.
It also returns the direct subtitleseeker URL for the title>language.
Checking on specific languages is possible.

Api.Get.Title_Languages is a REST API reachable through HTTP GET requests.
Results are currently offered in two formats : JSON && XML.

Need help ? contact us : api AT subtitleseeker.com .


Api is accessible && working with HTTP GET requests at :

Parameter Value Notes
api_key [required] The Api key ,request Api Key
imdb [required]
Imdb Number.
language [optional]
Comma separated list of languages you want to check.
return_type [optional] Returned format :
  • xml [default]
  • json
gzip [optional] Gzip compression On/Off :
  • ON [default]
  • OFF

Take a look at some examples , responses or errors


Every valid request will return these basic parameters.
Take a look at the errors codes to process invalid requests.

Name Type Description
got_error int (0=valid|1=invalid). Is this query valid ?
seek string APi get category.( title_info)
total_matches int total matches found
imdb int imdb number from [imdb]
language string languages from [language]
items > item array Resultset for each match
page_generation_time int Page generation time in seconds

Item results

Every valid request with more then 0 total_matches will return these items.

Name Type Description
lang string Language
total_subtitles int total subtitles for this languages
title_language_url string Link of this Title > Language


Error codes are returned with an invalid request.
When parameter got_error is returned as 1

short msg
NO_API_KEY [api_key] Not set ! Get your api key at : api.subtitleseeker.com
API_KEY_INVALID [api_key] Api key does not seem to be valid. Wrong Key? Or Banned ? please contact api AT subtitleseeker.com
INVALID_IMDB_PARAMETER [imdb] required for title_languages. Imdb not set or invalid .
INVALID_IMDB [imdb] is invalid. Does not exists in database.


Example 1 : Get all languages from Title

You want to see all available languages for a title.

Grab title languages with IMDB number.
Imdb number can be found on imdb.com or by using our Api.Search

We will use "The Dark Knight" as example.


Example 2 : Get Specific languages from Title

You want to see specific languages from a title.

Grab title languages with IMDB number.
Imdb number can be found on imdb.com or by using our Api.Search

We will use "The Dark Knight" as example.
Get the languages Dutch And English .